Richard and Jay met in 2014 while both were committed to other band projects. Drawn to each other’s musical style and versatility, they kept in touch and began creating music together as time came available. Soon, they had created the framework for several demos that would lead to the finished products to be released three years later. Richard produced pages of sometimes satirical, sometimes poignant lyrics based on his life and work experiences.

This basic framework led to searching for a similarly versatile percussion expert, a search that successfully found Ray Hammond, who at the dawn of 2015 became instrumental in providing structure and stability to each piece. This power trio worked hard to develop a deep foundation upon which the vocal lines could be constructed. After sourcing several talented singers and soliciting recommendations from members of the Victoria Choral Society, that summer the men found Vera, a strong, emotive and dramatic jazz vocalist with an ear for melody. With Vera’s addition, the vocal lines were developed and the songs were born.

Michael MacEwan entered the picture a year-and-a-half later, originally to relieve Vera from the distractions of keyboard work but quickly to provide musical clarity and build out the breadth of musicality apparent in each piece. Finally the band was ready for the final touch: Esmée and Becca to provide blending harmonies that enhance the music, allowing the three-part harmonies to soar above the power base.

New Age Resistance music provokes thought and inspires change. Enjoy!

Dramatis Personae

Jay "Wizard" Hines - Lead Guitar
Rich "Overdrive" Routledge - Bass Guitar
Ray Hammond - Drums
Queen Vera Loks - Lead Vocals
Michael MacEwan - Electronic Keyboard & Grand Piano
Becca Lokhorst - Backing Vocals
Esmée Rothschild – Backing Vocals


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