Video Samples

Fight For Your Freedom!

The title track off the debut album. The lyrics reflect the very core of the band’s belief: When something matters, virtue presents in action rather than silence! 

Breaking Point

Everyone knows the feeling of being pushed a little too far. When someone “snaps,” it’s easy to judge. This straight-ahead rocker reveals a message more serious than it first appears.

Live your Life (Nothing Can Stop You Now)

A richly-inspired ballad, deeply personal to the band on many levels. It’s no surprise this heartfelt piece has been played hundreds of times on Internet radio.

Secrets of the Night

A lighthearted number, this one showcases our jazzy side while remaining loyal to the genre of melodic hard rock. It shows a sense of humour as well as the band’s versatility as individual musicians. The message is simple: No time like the present…?